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Welcome to the DVJ Gilbert experience! You have a passport-approved entrance into pure original sound and visual mixing that entertains, inspires movement, connects people and transports any club/dance/lounge/festival experience into a creative realm of expression, enhancing the moment of who and what we are when we listen and dance to great music.

Gilbert blends the visual beauty and energy found in film and in movie scenes with an eclectic mix of music and beats that transcends any traditional DJ experience. His music taste ranges from progressive house to international, and to 80’s-90’s, with the ability to piece together like a mosaic, the sound of the story and the visual of the sound found in the majesty of films and music. DVJ Gilbert combines captivating visuals and digital effects along with fresh tracks, mixes, and beats to transports listeners/viewers into a harmonious sound-drenched space filled by images, light and LED screens.

Gilbert was born in 1977 in Lebanon, and at a very young age, began a passionate appreciation for music. By age 13, Gilbert began demonstrating expressing his aptitude interest in mixing various musical sounds music while playing DJing sets at the local FM radio station. Skilled far beyond his young age of 15, Gilbert continued to hone his unique talent by performing at popular clubs. After mastering the ability of sound mixing, Gilbert took the next innovative step and began experimenting with the visual aesthetics of film and combed them with exotic beats to tell a story. His perceptive editing blends with a diverse mix of music and beats, and creates an energy that transcends traditional DJ experiences. His ability to piece together a mosaic of sounds and imagery, places DJV Gilbert in an elite category of skilled DJs.

Since those early years and through his years as an adult, Gilbert has created a path for his unique understanding of sound mixed with the visual aesthetics of motion in film and story that can be transported into a harmonious sound drenched room or space filled by images, light, and LED screens. Over the years, Gilbert has developed a patient and creative outlet for mixing the fast paced visuals of a film, like the steady threading of a needle sewn with the sound and the beat of a steady drum.  

From DJ to Producer, Gilbert has become, over many years of arduous work in combination with his genuine love of music, a master in the art of editing with music, video, and music production. His passion for film, editing, and Hollywood, as well as the magic of expression in the form of movies intertwined with the energy of fresh and danceable music, defines him in a class with only a few others. His work and passion are expressed uniquely in his performances as his music is chosen to mirror the visual and kinetic pace of a story. Combining captivating visuals and digital effects and lyrics with fresh tracks, mixes, and beats, is the skill and talent DVJ Gilbert possesses as a result of not just what he does and what he knows, but also as a reflection of who he is.

An observant artist, DVJ Gilbert keeps a steady eye on developing trends in music and the continual evolution of sound. His DVJ sets include music from Global House, Vocal House, Techno, Progressive, Tribal and Latino House, as well as tailored sets for a variety of engagements, crowds or special events.

For more information on DJV Gilbert, visit www.DJVGilbert.com
Bookings can be made through Gaia Productions.